Saturday, May 11, 2013

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Scored Frame Tutorial


I have been asked how I created the scored frame in a recent card that I last posted on my blog (Easter Iris). I'm including a list of supplies needed and instructions with photos.


card stock cut 10" by 7"
Scoring board & tool
Spellbinders 5x7 Matting Basics B dies



  • using your scoring board and tool, score your 10"x7" card at 5 inches but DO NOT FOLD at this point. Folding the card at the score line will be the very last step.


  •  turn your card over to the back side 
(Note: Since you want the scored frame to be prominent on the front of your card, you must turn your card over to it's back side to create the scored frame)


  •  take the 2 largest dies from Spellbinders 5x7 Matting Basics B and position them, one die inside the other, cutting side down, on the back side of what will be the front panel of your card; it would be a good idea to use removable tape to make sure the dies don't move from their position.(Remember, you're doing this on the back side of the front panel of your card)
  •  make certain your machine is prepared to emboss ONLY and not cut; run your card stock with the dies through your machine, according to your machine's instructions.

  •  remove the dies from your card and turn your card over to the right side

STEP #5 (final step)

  •  using care, fold on the initial score line 

You now have a beautiful frame on your card and are ready to dress it up to your heart's content. With the Spellbinders 4 different sets of Matting Basics dies you can create frames of various sizes.

I sincerely hope these instructions and photos were clear and helped to explain how the scored frame is created. Put your creativity to work and go create some framed beauties!


Evelene said...

Thanks so kindly Olga for taking the time to do the tutorial I requested for. Yes, it is clear to me now how you did the very nice framed card with the photos and step-by-step instruction. The scoring makes the card look gorgeous and more dimentional. I will definitely do the same for my cards. Bless you.

Olga Moore said...

You are most welcome, Evelene! I'm happy to have posted this for you or anyone else that was curious about creating the scored frame.

Susan Sieracki said...

Excellent tutorial Olga. I keep meaning to try that and always forget. I love the way it makes your cards look. I don't own any of the matting basics dies, but I have tons of other ones, so I will definitely give this a try!